Spotlight Powys

Elwyn Vaughan 

County Councillor for Glantwymyn

They are a Plaid Cymru Group councillor. They ran at the last election as a Plaid Cymru candidate.

They served as a councillor during the 2022-2027 term.

Elwyn Vaughan has special responsibilities - they are the  Chair of the Democratic Services Committee. These responsibilities incur an additional allowance payment.


The allowances paid to Elwyn Vaughan for the last 5 years is displayed below. The allowances include a basic salary, senior salary (if any), care allowance, working expenses, subsistence and travel. For the full breakdown, please see the Powys County Council website.

# 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21 2021/22 2022/23
Elwyn Vaughan £15,943.61 £14,871.77 £14,217.96 £14,367.96 £0.00


  Attendance 80.0%

The attendance record for Elwyn Vaughan since 1st May 2022 is displayed below.


Present as expected

48 sessions out of 60


Absent with apologies given

6 sessions out of 60


Absent without apologies given

6 sessions out of 60


Total absence

12 sessions out of 60


  Election Results

The 2022 local government election results for Elwyn Vaughan are displayed below.

Name Party No. of Votes % of Vote Elected?